Darkside of Atlantis

What's Lingering In The Shadows Of The Ancients?

The Darkside Of Stargate: Atlantis
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Exploring The Darker Side Of Atlantis...
Want to read something other than sugary fluff and romance?
See anyone in Atlantis doing something very naughty, evil and underhanded?
This is where it happens!

Adults Only!
1)Slash Accepted. Along with anything dark JUST label it is all I ask, especially dark kink.

2)No flaming, we should all know this by now.

3)Challenges may be issued but it's not mandatory to participate. If you respond please post Challenge Response in the subject line with your pairing and/or if you don't please note that it is not a challenge fic. Either way its acceptable. Also any pairing/group is acceptable and more than one person can do a certain pairing/group

4)If you can do dark romance, feel free to post it, nothing against romance just suit it to the community.

5)Graphics welcome. Mark if it's work and child safe.

6)Don't friendlock under fake cuts, this is about sharing.

7)Discussions and questions welcome, all I ask is that it doesn't get out of control or turn into a rant fest or something.

Related community pimpage accepted, just post the notice once.


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