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Rhian or Mira [userpic]
Fic - The Scientific Method
by Rhian or Mira (rhian_morwenna)
at August 1st, 2006 (09:40 pm)

The Scientific Method
Author: Rhiannon - rhian_morwenna
Characters: Carson Beckett, John Sheppard, mention of other Atlantis residents
Pairing: Carson/John
Summary: He kept meticulous records of all of his research and experiments
Word Count: 954
Genre: Dark Fic, Character Study
Rating: PG-13 – adult themes
Spoilers/Timeline: Flashbacks to “Hide and Seek” and “Conversion”, mention of “Michael”
Disclaimer: I am not Martin Wood, Martin Gero, or any of the other producers/writers. Therefore, I own nothing.
Author's Notes: Written for the sga_flashfic “Dark Side” challenge. Thanks to lvs2read for beta-reading this piece. Any remaining mistakes are my own. Crossposted, so sorry if I spam your f-list.

He was, if nothing else, a scientist